Explore Neil Young’s Musical Gear

Explore Neil Young’s Musical Gear | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Young in an interview with RSA's Matthew Taylor - The RSA / Youtube

Ever wondered what it took to sound like your favorite rock star? In a video by Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum, Joe Chambers has us look back at an interview with the one and only Neil Young, as he discusses his preferred musical gear and history as well.

The video description says: This video was recorded in the Masterlink Studio in Nashville, TN on June 29, 2005. In this video, Joe Chambers, CEO and Founder of the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville, TN sits down with Neil Young to discuss guitars, amps, strings, song writing, and Neil’s early years and musicianship.”

Neil Young talks with Joe Chambers on his preferred stage setup and how he came up with deciding on them. In a statement by his longtime guitar tech Larry Cragg, “When it comes to equipment, the idea with Neil is that you don’t change anything. You don’t even think about it.”

Watch the whole interview by clicking on the video below!