Everyone Is Required To Watch The Who In Their Amazing 1973 UK Show

Everyone Is Required To Watch The Who In Their Amazing 1973 UK Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via GreatGuitarHeroes / Youtube

Few artists and music goers can appreciate The Who since they are obviously taken for granted by many. No band could level the amount of energy and electricity that The Who could provide to their audience, and that’s the truth we need to speak more of.

Imagine if you could find the most energetic people in the world, create a band out of it – and you’d find yourselves assembling The Who with Pete Townshend on guitar, John Entwistle with bass, Roger Daltrey as the lead vocalist, and Keith Moon on drums. And there’s so much of them to prove this thought with this 1973 performance inside a UK TV show. The video can be seen below.

The clip came from BBC’s Guitar Heroes series, wherein viewers are transported back in time to show the glory days of the legendary guitarists, including Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, and many more. In part III, the show discussed the epic realness of The Who, who delivered an unforgettable performance of their hit, “Long Live Rock.”

“I had an idea once for a new album about the history of The Who called Rock Is Dead—Long Live Rock!” Townshend said. “That idea later blossomed into Quadrophenia.” The song appeared on Odds and Sods, a rare collection for fans to enjoy. Bill Fury sang a different version of the song in the film That’ll Be The Day, with the movie starring Ringo Starr and Moon as well.

Take a look at the exciting performance here.