Everyone Else Can Go Home – Peter Frampton And Leslie West’s ‘Mississippi Queen’ Duet Reigns Supreme

Everyone Else Can Go Home – Peter Frampton And Leslie West’s ‘Mississippi Queen’ Duet Reigns Supreme | I Love Classic Rock Videos

banfibill / YouTube

The Paramount, 2013

Featured on Long Island rock band Mountain’s 1970 debut Climbing!‘Mississippi Queen’ is one of the heaviest, hard rocking songs to come out of the 70’s music scene. With singer and guitarist Leslie West’s voice hitting you like a freight train after that fantastic one-two punch supplied by the song’s iconic cowbell and “dun-dun-dun-DUN” intro, ‘Mississippi Queen’ is a classic rock staple that always makes us stop and say a silent “thank you” to the AM/FM gods when it comes on the radio.

In 2013, Leslie West took the stage with longtime friend and fellow rock icon Peter Frampton at New York’s Paramount Theatre where together, they delivered a rip-roaring rendition of the Mountain classic that left the crowd shaken to the core.

Fun Fact: Considered a rock classic, it was their most successful single, reaching number 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 record chart in 1970.

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The night was a blast and a half not just for fans in attendance, but for the two friends onstage together. West kicked things off by listing Frampton’s accomplishments over the course of his career – from his early notoriety as England’s “handsomest, prettiest” guitarist and his tenure in Humble Pie, to the glowing solo career that resulted in one of the best selling albums of all time with 1976’s groundbreaking Frampton Comes Alive! before marveling at the people they’ve outlived before slinging a little good old fashioned rock and roll music the way it’s meant to be played.

All in all, this performance of ‘Mississippi Queen’ definitely blew the doors off of The Paramount. Everyone else can go home – Peter Frampton, Leslie West, and their ‘Mississippi Queen’ duet reign supreme! They may no longer be at their prime but they definitely slayed this jam. It gives us chills each time we watch it – this is how it should be done.