Ever Heard of The Home Recording Of John Lennon’s Song About Bob Dylan?

Ever Heard of The Home Recording Of John Lennon’s Song About Bob Dylan? | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Dylan & John Lennon - Grunge & Don Draper /YouTube

There was never a person of influence to the Beatles bigger than Bob Dylan. After all, he was the person who let the Fab Four smoke their first joint of marijuana. The encounter developed into a deeper approach to the Beatles’ music that changes the face of music today.

But it was more than the marijuana bond that John Lennon and Bob Dylan connected in the first place. It was Dylan’s songwriting style that the former was utterly interested in way before his Beatle days. The depth of his songs, the divulging poetry that it contained, etc. It was Dylan who taught the group to be more open in artistically expressing themselves, rather than to aim at any chart-topper singles from their album.

Amidst the pivotal moments, both of them endured a seemingly love-hate relationship. Right at the moment where Christianity was all that mattered to Dylan, Lennon wasn’t too fond of his change of heart. When Dylan dropped “Gotta Serve Somebody” as an opening track to his Slow Train Coming album, Lennon’s response was: “Serve Yourself”.

“You tell me you found Jesus/ Christ! Well that’s great, and he’s the only one/ You say you just found Buddha?/, and he’s sittin’ on his arse in the sun?” Lennon didn’t hesitate to fire back with lyrics that clapped back to the folk singer.

A home recording of the song was released on YouTube courtesy of John Lennon’s estate. The singer chose to do it in his home, where he’s certainly at most comfortable with his thoughts.