Elton John Says There’s No Need For A New Album From Him

Elton John Says There’s No Need For A New Album From Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elton John live in 2017 - Elton John / Youtube

The enigmatic Elton John gives us the reason why he doesn’t have any plans to work on what would be his 34th studio album in his career.

His longtime creative partner Bernie Taupin had been trying to get Elton into writing new music together and has provided 16 to 18 song ideas already. “I would love to see him start to do some work. As I say, I continually encourage him to do so,” he said.

Elton revealed why he didn’t want to do any work in a new interview with Record Collector, saying, “I have no idea what the fuck I’m going to do next, and that feels great. I just don’t think this is a time for me to think about recording. I’m a dad, and I love being a dad. I will get in the mood to record again – and I’ll get in the mood to write. … But no one needs another Elton John record out at the moment.”

It can be noted that John said his working arrangement with Taupin, which saw them working separately, was quite unorthodox but also successful so there was no need to change anything. “When I first started working with Bernie, it was exactly the same as it is now. I would get a lyric, I would go away and write the melody and play it to him,” he said.

He added that he’d “just go to the studio and there’s 24 lyrics waiting for me, and I look through them and see which one I want to start with, and then I try to write a song. I never, ever know what the lyrics are gonna be upfront. … It’s strange, but it works.”