Eddie Van Halen Featured On Recently-Unearthed Jimi Hendrix Cover

Eddie Van Halen Featured On Recently-Unearthed Jimi Hendrix Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

David Garfield's Guitar Heroes album - David Garfield - Topic / Youtube

Eddie Van Halen is present on a recently-discovered extended cover of Jimi Hendrix’s song, “If 6 Was 9.”

In a report by Guitar World, keyboardist David Garfield recruited Van Halen for the 1996 recording along with singer and guitarist Michael Landau, bassist Will Lee, and drummer Simon Philips for his Tribute to Jeff Porcaro album.

Garfield is now streaming an extended version of the Hendrix cover as part of his new EP, Guitar Heroes OTB – Vol. 1. 

The main sessions were recorded in Chick Corea’s Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles but the keyboardist worked with Van Halen on his overdubs in the rocker’s own 5150 studio.

“I went up to his house to work on the tracks with him, and he was so cool,” Garfield said. “We bonded as keyboard players, too. … We continued to stay in touch, and often he would call me out of the blue, asking for help with keyboard-related stuff. I even found a guy to travel with him on tour and play additional parts offstage, as well as be his keyboard tech.”

He added: “I’m sure sorry we lost him way too soon. I was hoping to collaborate with him again. Rest in peace, my brother Ed.”