Eddie Money Was Able To Renew Marriage Vows Months Before Death

Eddie Money Was Able To Renew Marriage Vows Months Before Death | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eddie and Laurie Money in an interview where Eddie reveals he has cancer - AXS TV / Youtube

AThe late rock star Eddie Money managed to renew his wedding vows with wife Laurie before he died on September 13, 2019.

According to TMZ, Eddie and Laurie eloped thirty years ago for their original wedding, but have always hoped for a proper church ceremony as the years went by. The renewal of vows finally happened earlier this year in February, three months before his heart surgery, which contributed to his death along with throat cancer.

In his reality TV show Real Money, Eddie said he was reminded to celebrate his love, saying, “My faith and my love in Jesus Christ and how well he’s taken care of my family. I always wanted to get married in a church, and he’s up there looking at me: ‘Finally, you do what I want!’ … It’s just a real thrill. … I tell you, 30 years with my wife, the 30 best years of my life.”

The couple decided to plan for the renewal after Eddie’s cancer diagnosis in late 2018. Money’s family extended their thanks, with TMZ saying they were “thankful to all fans around the world who played Eddie’s songs to celebrate his life and music after his passing.” Along with Eddie Money’s commemoration, a cancer research fund was established as well. “Finding a cure will help everyone battling cancer so please help fund research at USC Norris. Thank you all in advance for getting involved. Your support helps us feel that we can do something to help everyone facing cancer,” the Money family shared.