Don Henley Talks About His Regret In ‘Desperado’ Vocals And Performs It

Don Henley Talks About His Regret In ‘Desperado’ Vocals And Performs It | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

From time to time, musicians have expressed their discontentment with certain songs that fans love to listen to. For Eagles’ Don Henley, who has an issue with their hit “Desperado,” there’s a story behind this.

Don Henley released his album titled Cass Country in 2015, which included guest appearances from musicians such as Dolly Parton, Mick Jagger, and Miranda Lambert. Henley’s legendary rock background as a founding member of the Eagles is contrasted with the country approach used by the singer, and to promote the aforementioned album, he appeared on Howard Stern’s show, SiriusXM.

The host and the guest talked about the latter’s life, his legacy as the drummer of Eagles, and the iconic four-part harmony that the band is known for. Later on, the musician opened up about “Desperado,” one of the few songs he didn’t like as he felt that he could’ve done his vocals better in there, but couldn’t do it because of time constraints and the fact that the London Philharmonic members were behind him, playing chess, while he was performing. Henley could feel the guys’ boredom reeking, so he tried his best to be done with the recording.

And Stern, knowing the full story already, gave Henley a chance to perform the gem, in the best possible voice that the musician could provide. And let us tell you, we wished to be one of the people in the studio at that moment.

You can watch the video here.