Discover Jerry Garcia’s Favourite Grateful Dead song

Discover Jerry Garcia’s Favourite Grateful Dead song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The American band Grateful Dead has the talents of a magnificent band that conquer the world of music back in their glory days. The founding members of the group (Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Ron McKernan, and Bill Kreutzmann) plus the other following members established the band into a full-blown rock legend in the 60s.

One man, in particular, Jerry Garcia never stood still on the arena of their developing music. Always looking for something new for an adventure, Garcia never settles down until he can get what he initially foresees; a gesture that sometimes upsets the singer since according to him, he can’t always get what he wants when he does it.

If you know Grateful Dead for some time now, you would be chiefly aware of Garcia’s sentiments towards his music. Yet, amid his ever-changing sensitivity, a song took a stance on the singer’s not-so-lauding taste on GD’s music, and that is “Row Jimmy Row” from their album Wake of the Flood.

Back from a 1974 interview from Steve Weitzman for Relix, he stated:

“I really loved ‘Row Jimmy Row.’ That was one of my favorite songs of ones that I’ve written. I loved it. Nobody else really liked it very much – we always did it – but nobody liked it very much, at least in the same way I did.”

Still, his relationship with his craft changes. Today, he’ll like this song, the following month, it’ll be a different one. Nevertheless, we’re excited to hear what this legend had to say always.

Listen to “Row Jimmy Row” here.