Discover And Watch Linda Ronstadt’s 1976 Germany Performance

Discover And Watch Linda Ronstadt’s 1976 Germany Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Linda Ronstadt - retrofan01 / Youtube

It didn’t take long for Linda Ronstadt to be appreciated beyond American soil. Her massive talent alone crossed boundaries in culture, leveling the playing field for both sexes.

Debuting in 1967 with her band, the Stone Poneys, Ronstadt showcased her pure power and vocal quality that painted the songs of other artists with her own imagination. She wasn’t known to be one who penned originals, but she certainly shone a new light on the classics that it was almost impossible to tell for first-time listeners if she was the writer or not.

Since Ronstadt didn’t make a living by writing songs, she had to make up for it with her performances. This was easy for her, however, sporting an amazing set of pipes that was quite the backstage ticket for Ronstadt to do virtually any genre. (Klonopin) It is safe to say that Linda Ronstadt’s capacity to deliver beyond the ordinary gave her an edge over contemporaries, whether it be fellow cover artists or true-blue songwriters.

Watch as she rips through her concert at Stadthalle, Offenbach, in Germany, November 16th, 1976.