Dirty Honey Release “Coming Home” Music Video

Dirty Honey Release “Coming Home” Music Video | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Rock sensation DIRTY HONEY has set the stage ablaze once again with the release of their latest music video, “Coming Home (Ballad Of The Shire),” from their acclaimed album “Can’t Find The Brakes”. Known for their electrifying performances and bluesy rock sound, the band takes a poignant turn in this heartfelt ballad, exploring themes of love, loss, and the enduring search for belonging.

Crafted with soulful lyrics by vocalist Marc LaBelle

“Coming Home” delves into the complexities of life’s journey, offering a raw and introspective glimpse into the human experience.

As LaBelle reflects:

“Being musicians that live on the road, ‘Home’ has become wherever it is that we’re playing music, rather than a particular place. We wanted to showcase our separate journeys, knowing full well that the music will always call us back home.”

Directed by the talented Mark Christy, the “Coming Home” video captures the essence of the song’s narrative, transporting viewers across breathtaking landscapes and evocative scenes. From the snow-capped mountains of Snoquamish to the rugged terrain of Monument Valley, the visuals serve as a poignant backdrop to the band’s soul-stirring performance.


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Recording “Can’t Find The Brakes” proved to be a transformative experience for DIRTY HONEY

With the band immersing themselves in a month-long studio session alongside longtime producer Nick DiDia.

 “Just physically being together in the studio with our producer made for a very creative environment; we got into such a groove, we were very focused, and not rushed, so it was great for all of us.

The addition of drummer Jaydon Bean has injected new life into the band’s dynamic, bringing a fresh perspective and vocal harmonies that elevate their sound to new heights.

“Having Jaydon in the band has made a huge difference,” said Justin. “He’s an a capella singer with a background in vocal harmonies. So having him contribute, especially to the harmonies, has really added to our sound and has helped us grow a lot.

Behind the Scenes of “Can’t Find The Brakes”

Highlighted by standout tracks such as “Don’t Put Out The Fire” and “Rebel Son,” “Can’t Find The Brakes” showcases DIRTY HONEY’s evolution as artists, pushing boundaries and expanding their sonic horizons.

“We went to Snoquamish for the snow and to Durango and Flagstaff for the train scenes. And we knew Monument Valley was an epic, very American West-looking landscape symbolic of both America’s beauty and the struggle of and vastness of traveling through the American West.”

Complementing the album’s bold sound is the striking cover art, hand-painted by renowned graffiti artist Kelly “RISK” Gravel. Known for his groundbreaking work in the Los Angeles art scene, RISK’s vibrant aesthetic perfectly encapsulates the spirit of DIRTY HONEY’s music.

As the band continues to captivate audiences worldwide, “Coming Home” stands as a testament to their enduring passion and unwavering dedication to their craft. With its soul-stirring lyrics and mesmerizing visuals, the song serves as a poignant reminder of the power of music to transcend boundaries and unite hearts.

Watch the music video below: