Billy Joel and Sting Kicks Off Tour With Classic Duet

Billy Joel and Sting Kicks Off Tour With Classic Duet | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Kicking off their highly anticipated One Night Only co-headlining tour in Tampa, Florida on Saturday (February 25), Billy Joel and Sting wowed fans by joining each other on stage to perform beloved hits from their illustrious careers. The dynamic duo captivated the audience with a nostalgic rendition of some of their classic songs, showcasing their enduring talent and timeless appeal.

Reviving Classics

During Sting’s set, Joel made a surprise appearance to lend his vocals to the enchanting melody of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” much to the delight of the crowd. Reflecting on his admiration for Sting, Joel shared with the audience,

“I saw this guy when he came with his band to the States, and I was blown away. This was the late-Seventies. I thought he was great then, and I think he’s great now. He’s one of my favorite musicians of all-time.”

Their collaborative tour, spanning five shows across the United States, promises to be a memorable journey for fans of both artists. With stops scheduled in San Diego, St. Louis, San Antonio, and Las Vegas, in addition to the electrifying kickoff in Tampa, audiences nationwide are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to witness these musical icons in action. Joel’s calendar also includes two sensational shows with Stevie Nicks in Arlington, Texas, and Chicago, as well as a historic co-headlining event with Rod Stewart slated for September.

Amidst the excitement of the tour, Billy Joel took a moment to reflect on his legendary residency at Madison Square Garden, culminating in an extraordinary 150 shows. The iconic performer is set to bid farewell to this chapter of his career with a final show on July 25, unless additional dates are added by popular demand. Notably, his monumental 100th performance at the Garden has been immortalized and will be broadcast on CBS on April 14, allowing fans worldwide to share in the celebration of this remarkable milestone.


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Billy Joel Reveals Dream Supergroup Lineup

In a candid interview on The Howard Stern Show, Billy Joel offered a glimpse into his musical aspirations, revealing a dream supergroup lineup that never came to fruition. Joel disclosed his desire to collaborate with esteemed artists such as Don Henley, Sting, and “maybe John Mayer on guitar,” envisioning a powerhouse ensemble that would undoubtedly captivate audiences with their unparalleled talent and creativity.

“Everybody’s busy,” Joel lamented, acknowledging the logistical challenges of coordinating such a formidable ensemble. “You always say to the other guys, ‘Yeah, I’ll see you on the road. We’ll get together’ — and you never do it.”

When Stern playfully suggested recruiting Paul McCartney to join the hypothetical supergroup, Joel responded with humility, acknowledging McCartney’s legendary status.

“He was in the super-est group of all-time,” Joel quipped with a laugh. “I don’t have the nerve to do that. I can’t.”

Undeterred, Stern volunteered to broach the subject with McCartney on Joel’s behalf, prompting a lighthearted exchange between the two seasoned entertainers. With their wit and charm, Billy Joel and Howard Stern offered fans a glimpse into the camaraderie and mutual respect shared among music’s most iconic figures.