Digital Release Date Of Eddie Money’s “Brand New Day” Announced

Digital Release Date Of Eddie Money’s “Brand New Day” Announced | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eddie Money for the music video of Brand New Day - Eddie Money / Youtube

The late Eddie Money’s album, which he was working on while he was still alive, will now be available for digital purchase on April 17.

In the rocker’s social media account, a statement regarding news of Brand New Day’s release was posted, saying: “We could all use a ‘Brand New Day’ right about now. Excited to announce the new music will be available on all digital platforms April 17.”

Money announced its arrival way back in May 2019, which would mark his first release since 1999’s Ready Eddie, along with the unveiling of its title track. He was expected to release his album last year, July 19, but the date was pushed back when he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which he caught while recovering from a heart surgery a few months back. This led to the cancellation of his future shows that summer.

News broke a month later that Money revealed that he had stage 4 esophageal cancer, which was diagnosed back in 2018, and added that the disease had already spread to his stomach and liver. But his pneumonia didn’t allow him to continue the cancer treatments, by which he sadly succumbed to on September 13, 2019.