Dee Snider Seeing The End For Recording But With A Twist

Dee Snider Seeing The End For Recording But With A Twist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Dee Snider may be closing a new chapter of his book, but that doesn’t mean that he’s far from doing something productive for his career. The ex-Twisted Sister frontman revealed in a Twitter interaction that he may be done recording music as of now, but is still open to exploring other things in the entertainment industry.

Fans got the opportunity to ask several questions to the musician via Twitter, including one who said they understood why he didn’t want to do stadium tours anymore and expressed amazement that Paul McCartney and Buddy Guy were still performing in their 80s.

Snider quoted the tweet, saying: “God bless them all! I can only do what’s right for me. And for my retirement I’m writing screenplays, directing a movie, releasing my first fiction novel, producing two animated series, etc., etc., etc. My wife laughs when I tell her I’m retiring!”

Another fan asked the 67-year-old musician if there’s any chance that he’ll be recording music again, or even writing. The musician replied: “Never say never, but I don’t see me recording anymore. Movies, books, tv, radio, etc.”

Snider had been Twisted Sister’s vocalist for a long time; outside the group, he had performed as a solo artist and with his recruited groups Desperado and Widowmaker. Apart from that, Snider is also a successful author, radio personality, and actor.