David Gilmour To Join The Podcast World

David Gilmour To Join The Podcast World | I Love Classic Rock Videos

David Gilmour on the Andrew Marr Show - Tippy RammaDamma / Youtube

With news of David Gilmour’s guitars going on auction, the esteemed guitarist will be previewing the event with a podcast series of three parts.

Matt Everitt will join Gilmour on the podcast to discuss an iconic guitar in each episode, and what music was recorded with the same instrument. The first episode, to debut on May 31, will focus on the Black Strat, a ’69 Fender Stratocaster which he bought in 1970, and became synonymous with the name Gilmour. The iconic four note twang of “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond” was produced by this guitar.

The next episode, due June 7, will discuss a pair of Martin acoustic guitars, used on the 1975 single, “Wish You Were Here“, while the series will end with a video about the classic white ’54 Fender stratocaster given by Leo Fender himself, with an epic 0001 serial number on it.

Check the audio teaser for David Gilmour’s upcoming podcast mini-series below!