Crowd Goes Wild When Paul McCartney Performs ‘Black Bird’ In Recent Show

Crowd Goes Wild When Paul McCartney Performs ‘Black Bird’ In Recent Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via K-HAG Radio / Youtube

Rock and roll isn’t dead for Paul McCartney, especially with his heartwarming performance of the Beatles’ iconic hit, “Blackbird.” The video can be seen below.

You just couldn’t stop gushing over Paul McCartney, no matter what age bracket you belong to. McCartney, one of only two surviving Beatles, proved that he is still capable of performing live at the age of 79 with his soaring voice, mastery of his instruments, and overall kindred spirit. On Saturday night, a sold-out Camping World Stadium was treated to nearly three hours of classics from the performer.

Performing for his comeback tour Got Back, McCartney stunned the audience with his song choices that were both entertaining and lovely to listen to. “Now we’re going to take you back through the mist of time, back to Liverpool where four guys formed a band and did okay for themselves,” Macca said while performing. “Back then, we were just a little gigging band and it was difficult to get noticed.” After the talk, Macca pulled out the big guns, performing some of his solo and Fab Four’s masterpieces like “Hey Jude,” “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Lady Madonna” and “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Nearly halfway through the show, McCartney is alone onstage, while the rest of the performers left. This gave him the freedom to be more intimate and emotional for the audience, strumming hits like “Blackbird” and the Lennon-dedicated song “Here Today.” Afterward, a handful of hits and favorites were also given priority, and the show ended in full blast, fireworks and all.

You can listen to and watch Paul McCartney’s performance right here.