College Kids Test Their Knowledge In ’80s Music

College Kids Test Their Knowledge In ’80s Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Will This Restore Your Faith In The Younger Generation?

You probably know these songs like the back of your hand but you have to understand that they weren’t born in that decade yet and when you think about it, their parents probably haven’t even met in the ’80s. But you’d be surprised just how much they know about the popular songs and artists in this era.

“I know a lot about the ’80s music but I don’t know the artist’s name.” – Daniel

Well, Daniel pretty much summed up how this went. But you know, how many artists can we actually name correctly, say, from 2010 and onwards? We’d most probably say the same thing – we know the song but not the singer. Besides, not only do they know some of the tracks or heard them before, they can sing along!

And man, we totally feel so old watching this! And as classic rock fans, we just love how they threw a Tom Petty classic here!