Bruce Springsteen Covers Rolling Stones’ ‘Street Fighting Man’

Bruce Springsteen Covers Rolling Stones’ ‘Street Fighting Man’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bruce Springsteen live in 2009 - Bruce Springsteen / Youtube

Bruce Springsteen could count himself as a massive fan of the Rolling Stones. He was also noted, at the start of his career, that he wanted the E Street Band to pretty much be just what the Stones are.

There’s no denying the similarities of the two: R&B, Americana blues, and power-driven rock. They’ve also tied up on their desires to tour and entertain large stadiums and have been going on since the start of their long journey in the industry. You can hear that excitement and electricity of The Boss’s version of the Stones’ “Street Fighting Man.”

The song served as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards’ most political song in their catalog to date. Although the song created different interpretations for many people who heard it, its main point is about adult brutality and cruel violence that the 60s have endured. Richards can be found gnarling those riffs and embodying the true angst nature of the song.

As for Springsteen, it became a part of the E Street Band’s setlist for the rest of the year 1984 to support the iconic Born In the U.S.A. album and is several go-to tracks over the years. Apart from that, he also finds time and performs the classic Stones hits such as “Gimme Shelter,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and “Honky Tonk Women.” In fact, during the reunion of the E Street Band, “Satisfaction” became a staple on their shows.

You can check out Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s version of “Street Fighting Man” below.