Brian Wilson’s 3 Biggest Musical Influences

Brian Wilson’s 3 Biggest Musical Influences | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Why Brian Wilson is a Genius - Jeffrey Stillwell /YouTube

Brian Wilson’s clever approach to music clearly made him one of the greatest influencers in terms of harmonizing and mixing music into various forms. Often dubbed as the “genius” behind Beach Boys’ distinct superiority in songs, Wilson has proved to everybody that a prodigy like him requires both skills and passion. But among other things, who are the people behind who influenced this supreme creator?

The Four Freshmen

Wilson has been outspoken in his admiration for the vocals of the Four Freshmen group. He was enormously mesmerized by how well their voices blended among each member, that perhaps he had spent a great amount of his childhood trying to learn all of their tricks. Of course, it worked well for the singer since the Beach Boys have now been remembered as one of the greatest vocal groups in the history of music.

The Penguins

Perhaps the good reason why Beach Boys are inclined to do Doo-Wop music genre through their songs is because of the Penguins’ influence on the singer. The Penguins are a vocal Doo-Wop group who had a major hit named “Earth Girl”. Though in general, the whole effect of Wilson’s Doo-Wop fantasies does not rely on this alone, yet his interest in creating songs inside such genre played a major role in their popularity in the early 60s, where most of their songs are heavily influenced by it.

Phil Spector’s Work

Phil Spector was among the greatest producers to ever exist in the music industry. Among the groups that he had collaborated with were The Beatles, The Ronettes, Ike, and Tina Turner, and many more. It was no doubt that Wilson was so perplexed by the “Wall of Sound” technique by Spector, specifically for the Ronettes “Be My Baby” song that he created numerous versions that were pretty close to the song’s rhythm. He had definitely memorized the song more than he had hoped for since he was indeed becoming obsessed with it.