Brian Wilson Made A Rap Song

Brian Wilson Made A Rap Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian Wilson for Fender - Fender / Youtube

It is a truth worth acknowledging that music will always change its kaleidoscope as time goes by. Music is never consistent in the first place, and it is inevitable to see musicians try and ride the waves of transformation now and then.

In that sense, it is normal to observe some occasional backfires whenever someone so phenomenal would try to disrupt society’s ongoing trends. After all, we can never achieve our true innovative self if we continue to stick to the traditional ways; something that our heroes David Bowie, The Beatles, or Bob Dylan would do. It’s generally okay to step out of your comfort zone and it isn’t your job to adhere to what people ought to say to you.

But, what if someone so legendary would adhere to what’s new on the market? Someone you’d never thought would be open to even the slightest opportunity to make something that’s far from what the icon usually does. And that’s how Brian Wilson enters the scene, when, in the 90s, he surprised the whole industry by dropping some beat and creating his very own rap song.

Yes, as far as you’re concerned, Wilson’s rap song exists, and before you’d question your whys and hows, bear in mind that the musical genius became responsible for bringing angelic harmonies and sheer goodness inside his Beach Boys band. During this time, Wilson used his talents to manipulate and bring Beach Boys’ melodies to a whole new level.

It is with this huge leap of faith that you can put in context that during the start of the 90s, hip hop is one of the fastest-growing genres in music. Maybe, Wilson wanted to try something unusual and unfamiliar to him. He was quoted saying: “Yeah, we were just having a good time. Yeah, it was fun. We were just kidding,” when asked if the rumors were true. “Smart Girls” became its title and it mainly talks about his attraction to fine women with intelligent wits and glamor.

You can make fun all you want, but Wilson’s genuine interest in something that many rock musicians thought of as “false music” says something about his character. After all, if he didn’t embrace the full capacity of rock during BB’s heyday, then we wouldn’t be graced with a genius mind like him. And as for his rap song “Smart Girls,” your verdict can always go for what it is: smart or stupid.