Brian May Shares How Much John Deacon Meant To Queen

Brian May Shares How Much John Deacon Meant To Queen | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the world of rock music, Queen stands as an iconic band that has left an indelible mark on the industry. However, one of its pivotal members, bassist John Deacon, withdrew from the limelight and the music industry entirely in 1997. Despite his absence from the band’s public appearances and performances, Queen’s guitar legend, Brian May, reassures fans that John Deacon remains an integral part of Queen to this day. In a candid ‘reader interview’ with The Guardian, May opens up about Deacon’s departure and the profound impact it had on the band while shedding light on the enduring connection they share.

A Sensitive Departure

Brian May reflects on the emotional challenges Queen faced after the loss of their beloved frontman, Freddie Mercury. John Deacon, in particular, found it difficult to cope with the loss. May recalls that they managed to collaborate on a few occasions in 1996, recording the poignant tribute ‘No One But You’ for Freddie Mercury, and performing at a special show in Paris. During this time, it became evident that Deacon needed a break from the band.

May explains:

“At that moment, John just looked at us and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ We knew that he at least needed a break, but as it turned out he never came back.”

John Deacon’s Continued Involvement

Although John Deacon withdrew from the band’s public life and performances, he remains a significant figure behind the scenes. Brian May emphasizes that Deacon is still very much involved in the decisions and business matters concerning Queen. Despite not actively engaging with the band, Deacon’s opinions and contributions are respected and sought after.

May elaborates:

“If we have any major decision, business-wise, it’s always run past John. It doesn’t mean he talks to us – generally he doesn’t – but he will communicate in some way. He’s still very much part of Queen.”

Respecting John Deacon’s Privacy

Brian May acknowledges the importance of respecting John Deacon’s privacy and the reasons behind his decision to step away from the spotlight. Although Deacon’s absence is keenly felt by fans, May emphasizes that the band’s connection with him remains intact and strong.

He expresses:

“I don’t think that I can go into much more detail – we have to respect the fact that John needs his privacy now – but he’s still part of the machinery of the band.” This privacy affords Deacon the space to lead a life away from the public eye while maintaining his role in Queen’s decision-making process.