Brad Whitford Confirms Bad News For Aerosmith Fans

Brad Whitford Confirms Bad News For Aerosmith Fans | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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While the finality of the statement may sting, it also holds a certain grace. Aerosmith, a band synonymous with rock anthems and stadium singalongs, is preparing to take a final bow. Their farewell tour, with its remaining 40-date itinerary, becomes a victory lap, a chance to celebrate a legacy spanning five decades.

This news isn’t entirely unexpected. Whispers of retirement have followed the band for years, and health concerns remain a factor. But with guitarist Brad Whitford’s confirmation, the picture becomes clear: Aerosmith’s farewell tour truly marks the end of an era.

“Yeah, it will be. I’m not sure, hopefully we make it through this. There’s going to be 40 shows and I don’t see us doing much more after that. I think it just I think it depends on everybody’s health and how everybody’s feeling,” the guitarist said in the interview below.

Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour Hits a Snag

Aerosmith’s Peace Out farewell tour encountered a roadblock in September 2023 when frontman Steven Tyler sustained vocal cord damage during a concert. This forced the band to postpone their shows for a month and eventually push back the entire tour to 2024 due to the severity of the injury.

Despite the initial setback, Aerosmith remained committed to their farewell tour. They announced rescheduled dates stretching into 2025, ensuring fans would still have the opportunity to experience their legendary live performances.

One highlight of the rescheduled tour is a “special hometown show” on New Year’s Eve at Boston’s TD Garden. This marks a return to the band’s original plan to ring in 2024 at the Garden, which was disrupted by Tyler’s injury.

From Folk Clubs to California Dreams

While the band’s recent announcement confirmed their farewell tour’s continuation, it lacked specific details about Tyler’s health. Previously, the singer revealed he’d damaged his vocal cords during a September performance, causing bleeding and requiring a 30-day vocal rest.

The initial postponement and eventual pushback of the entire tour to 2024 signaled a more serious situation than initially anticipated. Tyler’s injury was revealed to be a fractured larynx, necessitating ongoing medical care.

Despite the setback, Tyler has offered glimpses of recovery. In late November, he shared on social media that his throat was improving. He reiterated this sentiment at a Grammys viewing party in February, telling guests, “My throat’s been better, but it’s getting there.” While specifics remain limited, these updates offer a hopeful outlook for the legendary frontman.