Brian May, Joe Walsh and Sammy Hagar Goes On A Rock n’ Roll Road Trip

Brian May, Joe Walsh and Sammy Hagar Goes On A Rock n’ Roll Road Trip | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via AXS TV / Youtube

Part of becoming a legend in the world of rock is your lasting impact on people who are more than willing to spend their time listening to your music. In this episode of Rock and Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar, Hagar kept in touch with Joe Walsh (Eagles) and Brian May (Queen) for some serious talk and performance you shouldn’t miss out on.

Walsh and May joined forces to celebrate an epic party for James Burton’s Nashville all-star bash. But before it started, Hagar visited the guitarists’ dressing rooms respectively to try and discuss some things that are worth noting.

Hagar visited Walsh first and asked the Eagle guitarist what’s the secret to career longevity. “If you can breakthrough a different generation… so that more than one generation is aware of your music, you can stick around for a while,” Walsh explained. Hagar also took a chance to ask Walsh about his sobriety, knowing that the singer is well-aware of the guitarist’s hard-partying lifestyle of 30 years. Walsh gave a concrete answer and basically told everyone who’s had problems with addiction that even if it’s the hardest thing to do, have the courage to ask for help.

“The phone can weigh 30 pounds; pick up the phone and ask for help—because there is life after addiction, and it’s good,” he added.

Transitioning to the next guest, Brian May, Hagar asked the guitarist everything there is to know about Queen’s legacy. May admitted that after Freddie Mercury’s death, the band thought of giving up, but something gave them the courage to continue performing again.

“We’d always said that if one of us goes; that’s it,” May explained. “So, Roger [Taylor] and I [were] both kind of grieving to the max and saying that it’s over—we don’t even want to talk about it for quite a long time. And then we made the last album [Made In Heaven] with tracks that Freddie had left us to play with, and it became a real labor of love.” May also compared the level of professionalism of Queen with Mercury as the frontman and with Adam Lambert as the frontman; both are different but altogether important.

The clip then proceeds to the highly-anticipated performance of the night, with the all-star band (with Burton) performing Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.” Hagar took the lead and Walsh provided backing vocals as well.

Watch it below.