Brian May Is Back With Halloween Project “Adventures In Hell”

Brian May Is Back With Halloween Project “Adventures In Hell” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian May for an interview - Lorraine / Youtube

For avid Brian May fans, it isn’t hidden knowledge that the guitarist has a penchant for things horror and macabre. Just two years ago, he launched an augmented-reality smartphone app for Halloween and isn’t stopping now in delivering the goods.

May is joined by fellow curators Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming for an exhibition of 19th-century Diableries cards. The cards feature stereoscopic photographs of hellish sceneries and creatures which were originally modeled from clay, and transformed into 3D art pieces.

Diableries Card exhibit by Brian May

May introduced the venture, saying “Denis Pellerin, Paula Fleming and I have been on a world-wide quest for the last 30 years, to unearth every one of the 182 Diableries cards ever made. When we published the first edition of our book – Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell –  we were still just two short. ( Now the set is finally complete, and in this new Diableries exhibit, we’ll be sharing the entire series of these devilish enchantments for the very first time since 1860. These 3-D Adventures in Hell from Victorian times are as astounding as ever, and we’re proud to give them a new lease of life in the 21st century. The exhibition opens the week of Halloween!”

He concluded it with, “The exhibit will also include some original stereoscopes and cards from the 1850s onwards; we’ll be showing you how these incredible stereoscopic masterpieces were created, and how they can be brought to life in 3-D today, as crisp and hot as when they first set the public on fire in 1861.”