Bret Michaels Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Bret Michaels Diagnosed With Skin Cancer | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bret Michaels in an interview with Dan Rathers - AXS TV / Youtube

Poison’s Bret Michales breaks harrowing news in the midst of preparations for their exhaustive tour for 2020. The Poison frontman bared the news regarding a major health concern: he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

A post on his website reads:

“After a very recent kickoff to the new year, physical & MRI it has been brought to my attention that I have torn my right shoulder rotator cuff which would answer the question why it looks like a lump or bone was sticking out of my right shoulder. A little more complex I will also have to undergo a procedure to remove skin cancer that was detected after a recent biopsy. I’m in the hands of incredible specialists who are both positive for great outcomes. It may slow me down a bit at the beginning of the year, but if God willing I promise this year will be awesome. Just a few less solo shows & special events until I get this all squared up. As always continuing great diabetic maintenance to keep on rocking in 2020!”

Bret Michaels has already endured Type 1 diabetes, along with a brain hemorrhage and stroke in the past. We wish only the best for the iconic rocker.