Admit It – You Still Can’t Get Looking Glass’ Smash Hit ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)’ Out Of Your Head

Admit It – You Still Can’t Get Looking Glass’ Smash Hit ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)’ Out Of Your Head | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jim Williams / YouTube

“There’s A Girl In This Harbor Town…”

Written in 1972, “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)” by New Jersey rockers Looking Glass still holds up more than four decades on and for good reason: it’s timeless. Despite being about a barmaid in a port town who falls in love with a sailor who loves her and leaves her shortly after, there’s something incredibly warm and friendly about it, and singer Elliot Lurie’s rich, soulful voice is second to none – especially in this live performance. In fact, it actually caught us a little off guard: few bands sound even better live compared to their studio recordings, but Looking Glass absolutely nailed that particular trick!

The best part of this early seventies performance is far and away the vocal performance delivered by Elliot Lurie. Together with keyboard player Larry Gronsky and bass player Pieter Sweval, Lurie delivers a vocal performance worthy of the likes of Motown and supported by Gronsky and Sweval’s smooth backing harmonies, “Brandy” translates to a live setting almost perfectly.

Fun Fact: “Brandy” was not typical of the band’s heavier rock sound, which had the tendency to cause problems for Looking Glass at concerts.

In a way, it makes us a little wistful; these were the days when musicians put in work, and when music actually meant something. We may never see a return to music of this caliber again, but at least we have this great footage to look back on and admire. Tune in via the video below and as always, enjoy!