Brad Pitt Will Reopen Legendary French Studio That Recorded Pink Floyd

Brad Pitt Will Reopen Legendary French Studio That Recorded Pink Floyd | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via PBS NewsHour / Youtube

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is currently renovating Studio Miraval, a French recording studio that catered a part of Pink Floyd’s The Wall sessions. The place will be open to everyone next year.

Pitt purchased the entire compound in 2012 together with his then-partner, actress Angelina Jolie. This year, with the help of recording engineer Damien Quintard, the studio will be brought back to good use. Quintard talked about the meeting with the actor in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “[Pitt] came to my studio in Paris. It was a fantastic meeting. We talked for hours and hours. He talked to me about his plans for Miraval,” Quintard said. “I was obviously super excited, because as a Frenchman and a music lover, one of the Holy Grails is Miraval. I went over there, did my design for the space.”

The design will lean more on the minimalistic tones, in contrast with the design it had back in the day. “It was very ‘70s — vintage and, in its own way, beautiful. With Brad, we redesigned everything to be so simple, so pure. Light is everywhere. The future is light.” The engineer also hinted that the studio will not only cater to musicians; it will also be open for everybody, including theatre, film, or any form of art.

Studio Miraval was first opened back in 1977 by Jacques Loussier, a French pianist, and by Patrice Quef. Other famous artists to have used the studio for recording were AC/DC, Judas Priest, The Cure, etc.