Bonham Answers Awkward Question About Led Zeppelin Live On TV Show

Bonham Answers Awkward Question About Led Zeppelin Live On TV Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Image Credit: Youtube channel "idonotfindit"

When one talks about a band, there’s one member that comes to mind first among others – sort of the poster boy or representative of the band. That isn’t the case for Led Zeppelin, however, as the four-man blues and hard rock machine’s members had an ace up their sleeve.

Meet John Bonham, the resident timekeeper of the band and occasional booze guzzler. Born as John Henry Bonham in 1948 in Redditch, Worcestershire, he was introduced to his instrument of choice, drums, at the early age of five, receiving a snare at age ten and a full kit at fifteen. He was part of various bands in his school years, which eventually carried on after and was in two bands with Robert Plant prior to them becoming part of Led Zeppelin.

When the Yardbirds, which guitarist Jimmy Page was a part of, disbanded in 1968, Plant and Bonham, along with John Paul Jones, were brought in by Page to form Led Zeppelin. Bonham was instrumental in the band as he didn’t just add volume to their sound but also variety, being well-versed in multiple playing styles like funk and Latin grooves, aside from their standard rock arrangements.

Relive the man on the throne that powered Led Zeppelin’s most scathing cuts as he and Robert Plant are interviewed in 1970.