Bon Scott’s Isolated Vocals Of ‘Let There Be Rock’ Takes Us To Rock Heaven

Bon Scott’s Isolated Vocals Of ‘Let There Be Rock’ Takes Us To Rock Heaven | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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If there ever was a debate on who could hold the position to be the “greatest frontman in the history of rock,” Bon Scott of AC/DC could surely be a topic of conversation. With his charismatic moves on stage and an upbeat persona, one might say that he’s definitely the best.

But aside from his lively presence, the AC/DC frontman paraded himself to be one of the finest vocalists of all time. His ability to sing on a soaring high range brought us to the idea that any song thrown to him would be one gem of a performance. In his isolated vocals for AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock,” it’s mere proof of the singer’s greatness.

“Let There Be Rock” is the third track of the Australian band’s 4th album who also bore the same name. The track is the encapsulation and the fictionalized version of the Rock and Roll’s history, as the lyrics build around the line from a Chuck Berry classic, “Roll Over Beethoven.” The line says: “… tell Tchaikovsky the news”, and the AC/DC guys created the idea that Tchaikovsky did receive the message, passed it on to everyone willing to listen,thus resulting in the birth of Rock and Roll.

The song emanates hard rock in every part possible, written by the Young brothers (Malcolm and Angus) with Scott. And while Angus Young’s grinding guitar solo steals the moment for everyone, it was the singer who truly hogged the real spotlight.

It was a nightmare to remember Scott’s death back in 1980, with the debatable cause of “death by misadventure.” But even though he couldn’t be with us now, he made sure that he would complete the greatest gift he could ever leave in this world: his legacy.

Listen to Bon Scott’s isolated vocals in “Let There Be Rock” here.