Blue Öyster Cult Refuses Censorship on Teen Show About Violence in Rock

Blue Öyster Cult Refuses Censorship on Teen Show About Violence in Rock | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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“It’s Not Father Knows Best… Thank God”

When PSAs were making big waves in the 1980s, New York’s “That Teen Show” decided to hop on the bandwagon and interview Blue Öyster Cult. The legendary heavy metal band was definitely a bit bothered by questions regarding people throwing fireworks, getting rowdy, and being kicked out of shows. There is no censorship on behalf of the band. BÖC guitarist Donald Roeser states “Rock and roll is poor entertainment for the blood thirsty.” The interviewer asks if the press is making a big to-do about nothing. Allen Lainier (keyboardist) replies, “Absolutely… it’s the lack of control that parents feel. They feel threatened. It’s violence towards them.” Blue Öyster Cult expresses concern but stands by their ideals and claims no responsibility for what happens in the crowd at their concerts. That’s fair.


Blue Oyster Cult, group portrait, USA, 30th July 1976. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)


Eric Bloom Is Not Having It

First of all, the BÖC front man wears sunglasses inside. Eric Bloom sits arms out, legs crossed, and ready for any questions the interviewer is about to ask. “If you see them trying to throw something again, first punch them out- and then call them an a**hole,” says Bloom regarding fireworks being set off at BÖC performances.  The stunned teenage interviewer then tells him, “I was walking around the stadium and it seemed to me that everyone was so pumped and so intense… a lot of pushing and shoving, a lot of people getting thrown out.” Bloom has one consistent type of response. He answers to the young man “There’s nothing wrong with that!” The singer allows for his band mates to continue the interview  with responses better suited for a teenage audience. Lainier does agree with Bloom though. He says, “Whatya gonna do?” C’mon now, its Blue Öyster Cult.