Beatles Painting Painted By All 4 Members Set To Sell For $600K

Beatles Painting Painted By All 4 Members Set To Sell For $600K | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In an exciting revelation for Beatles fans and art enthusiasts alike, a unique collaborative painting titled “Images of a Woman” is set to go under the hammer at an auction in February, with an estimated value of up to $600,000. This abstract masterpiece holds the distinction of being the only substantial painting created collectively by all four members of the legendary band.

The artistic endeavor took place during the Beatles’ visit to Japan in 1966, a time marked by their historic performances at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

Confined to their suite at the Tokyo Hilton due to the frenzy of international Beatlemania, the group found a creative outlet when a fan shared art supplies with them.

According to Christie’s auction house, the Beatles collaborated on “Images of a Woman” by placing a piece of paper on a table with a lamp at its center. Each member worked on his own corner of the paper, and the piece was then signed in the center gap by all four, adding a unique and iconic element to the artwork.

Photographer Robert Whitaker, who was part of the tour entourage, recalled the serene atmosphere during the creation of the painting.”I never saw them calmer or more contented than at this time,” he shared in a news release.

Specialist art dealer Casey Rogers emphasized the significance of the painting in Beatles history, describing it as a rare and precious relic. “It’s a wonderful piece of storytelling,” Rogers said, highlighting the artwork’s appeal to a broad spectrum of collectors. (Clonazepam)


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The 21-by-31-inch artwork, initially unnamed, was labeled in the ’80s when an observer believed they saw female body parts in Paul McCartney’s quarter. “It’s all very much in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?” Rogers remarked, acknowledging the subjective nature of artistic interpretation.

Rogers explained that the painting’s intention was more fluid and freeform during its creation. “It’s really interesting that it’s had other interpretations over time, and probably will carry on having other interpretations,” Rogers added.

Being together in one place for an extended period “gave them a priceless proximity to one another’s ideas and attitudes – and this Tokyo painting is the proof of it,” stated Christie’s. The painting is a testament to the unique collaborative spirit of the Beatles during this phase of their career.

The painting itself, titled “Images of a Woman,” is described as “positive, bright, vivid, alive,” featuring various shapes, squiggles, blobs, circles, squares, protrusions, and intrusions.

The use of colors provides distinct insights into each Beatle’s contribution, with John primarily using acrylic, and George and Ringo favoring watercolors.

Originally acquired by Tetsusaburo Shimoyama, chairman of the Beatles fan club of Tokyo, the painting has had an interesting journey, changing hands and being auctioned over the years. “Images of a Woman” will once again be up for auction on Feb. 1 in New York as Lot 39 in the Exceptional Sale.

See the painting below: