Axl Rose Reveals His Favorite AC/DC Song

Axl Rose Reveals His Favorite AC/DC Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Guns N' Roses live in 2016 - Guns N' Roses / Youtube

It’s safe to say that Guns N’ Roses are disciples of AC/DC. For a while, Axl Rose, GNR’s singer, has expressed his admiration for the Aussie rockers, and it’s an unfathomable truth that his vocal stylings can also be compared to AC/DC’s iconic singers: Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

When Johnson was sidelined in 2016 due to severe hearing troubles, AC/DC’s decision to invite Rose to fill in for him made a lot of sense. In his new biography, Johnson reflects on that time, writing that he was unable to view videos of the band performing even though he had heard that Axl had done a “wonderful job” of replacing him. “It’s like finding a stranger in your house, sitting in your favorite chair,” he said.

Axl Rose was more content than ever on the road with AC/DC, and his other Guns N’ Roses members shared their admiration, more notably, with Slash. “The fact that he got asked to do that was very cool,” Slash said. “And he worked his ass off doing it, too. He really adhered to the whole AC/DC regimen and pulled it off.” With that, fans were eager to know what AC/DC Axl Rose likes, and we’re lucky to know the answer.

After being questioned at LAX about his favorite AC/DC song, his legion of fans was blown away, when the singer recently told TMZ that as of this moment, it’s the AC/DC track Touch Too Much.”

The song “Touch Too Much” was released as the album’s final single in 1979; it was the last recording the band did with Bon Scott alive. It’s a powerful song that makes it clear how much of an influence Bon Scott had on Axl Rose. Listen to the song below.