Album Review: “Making Movies” by Dire Straits

Album Review: “Making Movies” by Dire Straits | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Mark Knopfler live at London's Hurlingham Club on the 9th September 2009 - Mark Knopfler / Youtube

Mark Knopfler shows off his creative genius with the album Making Movies. With David Knopfler out of the band now, Mark showcased his jazz influences to full extent, painting the album in a relishing Latin-style implementation and songwriting based on themes of romance.

One of the prime tracks in this well-executed album is “Romeo And Juliet”, with an impeccable fingerpicking progression and its increasing modulation towards the song’s end, making for a powerful and uplifting track. “Skateaway” comes straight out of a jazz record, with tasty licks from Knopfler’s guitar emanating the whole track, and is complemented by the chugging drum and piano progressions overlaying it. “Les Boys” relies on a circular riff to drive it around, and sports a roots/southern kind of sound with it.

“Expresso Love” has Knopfler make his guitar an extension of his musical mind, wishing away worries with his brilliant riffs and succulent power chords. “Solid Rock” lives up to its name’s reputation, hailing the extinct rockabilly sound from the grave back to the world of the living. “Tunnel Of Love” makes use of a brilliantly increasing drive that runs the length of the track, reaching a pinnacle and releasing slowly with much dignity and grace. “Hand In Hand” is a poignant ballad that has the guitar and piano doing a slow and simmering waltz with each of their progressions, giving you a fulfilling mix of starry-eyed giddiness and a matured appreciation.

Much like any of Mark Knopfler’s landmark works, Making Movies doesn’t disappoint by giving you the full experience of his mastery over delicious licks and impeccable timing. Bundled with love-filled themes, this catalog introduced Knopfler’s genius to the world but is criminally slept on by most.