Album Review: 3 Songs That Represent ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ By Peter Frampton

Album Review: 3 Songs That Represent ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ By Peter Frampton | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Do You Feel Like We Do (Live) - Peter Frampton /YouTube

Frampton Comes Alive was the epitome of Peter Frampton’s greatness that made his status skyrocket to fortune and fame. Though the road towards success was not a smooth one, it did gave him the rewards of his fruitful labor, showing his skills and making the album one of the best-selling live ones in the US. With its generous efforts to portray his innovative skills in making music, it showed his fans how lustrous his work is in live performances.

“Baby, I Love Your Way”

A single that became a part of his live album, “Baby, I Love Your Way” is the ballad that showed the fans his softer side that made him so great. It was a song that you can never forget, with its hooky tune and its remarkable lyrics that made the song so famous. It is also a song that’s quite popular for cover versions, therefore makes the song even more recognizable.

“Do You Feel Like We Do”

This song owned up Frampton’s career. To be fair, the song wouldn’t even soar the popularity wings if it wasn’t included in this live album. This 14-minute long gem begins with an average guitar playing fused with jazz antics— progressing to deep, hard rock. Forever iconic.

“Show Me the Way”

Peter Frampton really showed us the way to the rock and roll act when he created this track. A true show stopper, it was indeed the biggest among the three singles that were featured from this album. It made his career a serial top-notch, varying from all the melodious and insane yet catchy verses.