Ace of Vase Is The Best Flower Shop For Rock Music Fans

Ace of Vase Is The Best Flower Shop For Rock Music Fans | I Love Classic Rock Videos

A- List Clients

The flower shop in Burbank, California was opened up back in 2015 by Sheri Scott. She got the idea for the name “Ace of Vase” from the classic Motörhead song we all now and love, “Ace of Spades.” Lots of customers ask if the name comes from the Swedish rock band, Ace of Base. Sheri says, “Honestly, if that’s what draws them to me, I’m not going to correct them.”  Regardless, this is the most rock ‘n’ roll flower shop maybe ever.

The tiny flower shop is set up inside the entrance of an art gallery, but has a big following. Ace of Vase has attracted customers like Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres, and countless others celebs. Sheri’s arrangements have even been featured on shows from American Idol to Lucifer, American Crime, Rush Hour, and Good Girls Revolt.

The Classic Rock Vases

This is the best part! Sheri has so much more than flowers in her shop. You can browse the array of his and her gifts from perfumes, Mayana chocolates, notecards, Laura Zindel ceramics, and Rock Roll n Soul clothing! Everything is inspired from a real rock fan’s passion for music. The t-shirt vases is what has brought customers back over and over again! Check these out…


Sheri says about the t-shirt vases, “All vases are made using actual t-shirts. They are layered with a protective coating that keeps it safe from water and UV rays. Some designs may be adorned with spikes, swarovsky crystals, and other media.” According to her website, this Tom Petty “Damn The Torpedoes” vase is sold out!


You can also find vases inspired by: Van Halen, AC/DC, Cinderllea, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, Devo, Johny Cash, KISS, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol, Adam Ant, Blondie, Boy George, Whitney Houston, several rap artists, and SO so so many more!


Another super neat item in Sheri’s Ace of Vase shop is the Forever Roses. They are blooms that have been uniquely preserved and last several years. Just like Gremlins the blooms are not exposed to water or sunlight. “They’re really long-lasting and a really cool texture,” says Sheri.

Sheri Scott got her start in a grocer’s floral department in Massachusetts then attended floral design school. She moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and now runs the successful Ace of Vase shop. Stop by and pick up some arrangements like, “Jessie’s Girl” which has relaxed roses that have been opened for max volume, “Love Is A Battlefield” that consists of orchids and reflexed roses in a spiked vase. Her “I Put A Spell On You” arrangement has black calla lilies with black and “peek-a-boo red” roses, wrapped in black tulle and a studded vase.

Please do yourself and your sweetie a MAJOR favor and check out the ACEOFVASE.COM flower shop online!