7 Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Tyler

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Tyler | I Love Classic Rock Videos

All Hail The Demon Of Screamin!

Steven Tyler’s arguably the coolest guy in rock ‘n roll and if there’s one word we can use to describe him, it would be ‘fearless’. He knows no limits – take for example how he ventured into the American Idol scene or when he shifted to a different music genre. But even if you’re a superfan, there are still some things you may not know about this Aerosmith frontman.

Let’s see how many you can cross off this list:

7. He loves Disney World.

He was once quoted saying, “Disney World is my idea of the ideal vacation.” Well he always seems like a child at heart. In fact, there’s a ride called “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith” (where there are holograms of the band) in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort and also at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. For his 68th birthday last March 26, he decided to check in, have fun and of course, surprise the fans while he’s at it. Aside from high-fiving the guests, he also went out of his way to pose for photos. Those who have been to this Florida attraction know that Steven throws up the shocker during the pre-ride video. A parent must have brought his ‘concerns’ to the Disney World staff because it has been digitally altered – yes after 17 years since its opening. You won’t believe how Steven reacted!

6. He has his own signature scarf collection called ‘Rock Scarf’.

Steven Tyler is the total package and it’s not just his boundless energy or incredible voice that makes him one of the greatest frontmen in rock ‘n roll. We also have his outrageous style to thank for that. Because his fashion sense is something we can never miss whether he’s on stage or just strolling the streets of Beverly Hills, he became the inspiration for the contemporary fashion line “Andrew Charles” in 2012. It’s the brain child of Tommy Hilfiger’s brother Andy who said: “I grew up on Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. I’ve always loved his music and his style.” Aside from being the face of the brand, he was also their design consultant which is just appropriate in our opinion. You see, rockstars are almost always into all-leather, black ensemble but Steven doesn’t just wear colorful statement pieces, he makes them look really cool too. To be fair, we’d definitely love to see what’s inside his closet.

5. He has a line of custom motorcycles.

Steven Tyler also rides in style. And he loves motorcycles so much that he worked with internationally renowned master engineer and inventor Mark Dirico since 2007 to develop and design his own line of hand crafted, hip brand of bikes – the Dirico Motorcycles (originally called Red Wing Motorcycle Company but they had to change it because apparently, the name was already taken). It was a fusion of superior engineering and of course, rock ‘n roll artistry. It’s just what Steven wants – comfortable to ride on but sexy all the same. He even said, “You get on one of these bikes and you can ride for days. These bikes are sick, rugged, and just damn cool. And they’re amazing to look at.” Obviously, he’d be all praises because it’s his very own line. But dang, it does look so good! Our personal favorite would have to be the 2016 120X – this red beast is everything!

4. He sits on the board of the Voice Health Institute.

Back in 2006, Aerosmith had to cancel some of the last few remaining shows of their North American tour because Steven was suffering from an undisclosed throat ailment and ended up with a hoarse shrill. He had to undergo surgery and was advised ‘total vocal rest.’ It was said that there was a ruptured blood vessel in his throat which was treated by sealing it off with the help of laser. According to Steven, Dr. Steven M. Zeitels of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation “just took a laser and zapped the blood vessel.” Today, Steven is part of the Advisory Board of the Voice Health Institute along with The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Connie Fisher, Christina Perri, Lionel Richie, KISS’ Paul Stanley, Keith Urban, and Dick Vitale. They’re a non-profit organization who helps fund the Voice Restoration Research Program and other innovative research programs.

3. He actively supports philanthropic campaigns.

Steven is more than just a rockstar and fashion icon, he’s also an active philanthropist. He’s been a known supporter of various charitable organizations such as Adopt the Arts, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, MusiCares, Race to Erase MS, Robin Hood, The Art of Elysium, and Cahonas Scotland to name a few. In 2015, he even launched a charity that aims to help girls who have suffered sexual abuse and neglect by raising money and awareness. He named it “Janie’s Fund” after the Aerosmith 1989 classic hit song “Janie’s Got A Gun” which basically talked about incest and child abuse. Earlier this year, he staged an intimate concert “Steven Tyler…Out On A Limb” where the proceeds went to “Janie’s Fund.” He also auctioned of his Texas-built supercar Hennessey Venom GT Spyder with an opening bid of $1.1 million. “Janie’s Fund” will also be the beneficiary. So you see, he’s a rock god with a golden heart.

2. He and Joe Perry met at the most unusual place.

You’ll never believe where Steven Tyler and Joe Perry first met. You’d think they bumped into each other at some gig or had common musician friends but no. It was in summer when Steven was at New Hampshire, eating French fries at The Anchorage in Sunapee Harbor which back then was a place where people could dock their boats and eat at the restaurant, play at the pinball arcade or just hang out. Legend has it that Steven just had the best French fries of his life and he wanted to go to the kitchen and see who made them. As it turned out, the kid flipping burgers and cooking was Joe Perry. Steven recalls, “The truth of the matter, I’m from New York and I have had french fries from Nathan’s all the way back. And I just had these french fries. And I said, who made these? I want to meet the guy. And there he was in the back wearing glasses — had tape in the middle.”

1. He tried to join another legendary rock band.

Can you even imagine Steven Tyler belting out to hit songs like “Whole Lotta Love”, “Kashmir” or “Stairway To Heaven”? Well, Joe Perry revealed that in 2009, he was supposed to have an entire week of songwriting sessions with Steven but the latter just blew him off. The reason? He was called in for the aborted Led Zeppelin reunion. Robert Plant expressed his disinterest in joining the comeback concert so the remaining band members (Jimmy Page, Bonzo’s son Jason Bonham and John Paul Jones) thought they could easily replace him. They even had a talk with Myles Kennedy. Joe told The Pulse of Radio, “Steven disappeared and I called around. Somebody said he was in London trying out for Led Zeppelin.” Joe added that it was a total disaster since Steven couldn’t even remember the lyrics to the songs. However, Steven has a different version. While he admitted that he did audition, he denied that he was rejected. According to him, he turned it down. Maybe we’ll never know what really happened back then but one thing’s for sure, Steven was glad of the experience because he said, “I’ll never forget it as long as I live.”