7 Songs To Summarize The Career Of Boston

7 Songs To Summarize The Career Of Boston | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Boston live in 1979 - Boston / Youtube

Boston was the lovechild of founder Tom Scholz and his engineering abilities, producing some of the most indulgent rock tracks in history. While some may dismiss the rock outfit as a studio-only band, Boston has undeniably changed the landscape of rock music, weaving thick melodies with the classic rock formula seamlessly. Here are some tracks that highlight key points in the band’s run throughout the years.

“More Than A Feeling” – Boston (1976)

The debut album of Boston spawned some of the best-remembered singles in rock history, especially the quintessential “More Than A Feeling”. The ever-so-resentful lyrics of a bittersweet romance, paired with the infectious singing of Brad Delp and the melodic solo, is the perfect sentimental rocker for any day.

“Don’t Look Back” – Don’t Look Back (1978)

The second album Don’t Look Back‘s most memorable song is its title track, which showcases Boston’s ability to weave through different tempos with ease. Scholz says how the song came in so naturally, requiring no demos to be made. (starsoffline.com)

“Amanda ” – Third Stage (1986)

“Amanda” was such an effective power ballad that it didn’t need a music video to reach the top of the charts upon release. First leaked as a demo, the song became one of the most requested songs for airplay as it was the first time in six years that fans heard something from the band.

“I Need Your Love” – Walk On (1994)

Brad Delp departed from the band in 1990, leaving Scholz on his lonesome as the last original member of Boston. “I Need Your Love” was a hit single out of the album, featuring new lead vocals courtesy of Fran Cosmo. Boston’s album releases were significantly delayed due to Scholz’s current studio renovation.

“Corporate America” – Corporate America (2002)

Delp returned to Boston for this album, heralding the biggest band lineup they ever went throughout their career. Scholz marketed the album on MP3.com under a different name, just to gauge the appeal of it without the Boston branding.

“Heaven On Earth” – Life, Love, and Hope (2013)

“Heaven On Earth” carries the same energy as those of Boston’s earlier recordings, with new vocalists David Victor and Louis St. August sharing parts.

“God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen 2013” – (2013)

Boston recorded “God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen 2013”, which was a remake from 2002’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. This was before the band decided to do a supporting tour for Life, Love, And Hope in 2014. Come 2017, and Scholz announced new material being written for a new album, but has not finalized anything as of yet.