7 Songs To Relive The Career Of Captain Beyond

7 Songs To Relive The Career Of Captain Beyond | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Captain Beyond live - Bruno S. / Youtube

Captain Beyond was formed from the remnants of Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, and Iron Butterfly, but make no mistake, as they were as formidable as the bands they were part of. The band was subjected to multiple lineup changes, and inconsistent years of activity due to various internal issues, making them less known among rock aficionados, but they have released high-quality material while they were at their prime. Here are some of Captain Beyond’s best songs.

“As The Moon Speaks”

Captain Beyond strikes off with their progressive rock approach with “As The Moon Speaks”, starting off as some solemn ballad with spoken poetry in the mix, even sporting vocal harmonies in the background before transforming into a rushed rock progression as it concludes.


“Frozen Over”

The band goes over a hard rock approach in this track, relying on a consistent riff pattern with aggressive vocal parts. Guitar parts are symphonic all around, while the rhythm section goes into an irregular cycle before becoming a looming cadence.

“A Thousand Days of  Yesterday (Time Since Come and Gone)”

Psychedelia and pop cross over in this ELO/Beach Boys-infused track. Captain Beyond does well to orchestrate their instruments in such a way that it evokes a bright, rhythmic feeling to it.

“Myopic Void”

Space-age sounds greet you as the track begins, starting off with hypnotic strings and slides before proceeding into a full-blown, fast-paced arrangement. The haunting harmonies fit the conclusion of the track, as it sounds like some post-apocalyptic hero theme.

“Raging River of Fear”

The unending riff rolling over and over in the track paints the scene like the raging river being sung about. The irregular pattern and shifts of the song add to the urgent news of chaos, with the guitars seemingly in agreement with the turmoil of the arrangement.

Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)”

Captain Beyond sticks with their penchant arrangement of choice, which evokes a rabbit chase with its sense of urgency and pacing. Ever prancing on scales and time signatures like it’s nobody’s business, the track hits the nail on the head with its playfully entropic atmosphere.

“Mesmerization Eclipse”

The rolling fills and circular riffs of the track envelope the vocal pattern’s structure, even with different time signatures in play. The second half of the song suddenly shifts into a Congo shuffle, taking listeners aback with the fresh injection of something foreign before continuing the rocker riffage to the end.