7 Greatest Love Songs From Neil Young

7 Greatest Love Songs From Neil Young | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Chris Wieland / YouTube

Here’s a look at the 7 greatest songs from Neil Young. The man who’s well-known for his magnificent songwriting and simplistic styles, no wonder this man knows how to pave his way to stardom. Creating songs that are simply wonderful and could tug your heartstrings is his hobby, and whatever your relationship status is, there’s just a certain element from Young’s writing that could make you relate to it. Take a look at them below.


“Walk With Me” – Le Noise (2010)

While this sweet love song tells us about thanking your lifetime partner for all the times you’ve been through, it also can be interpreted as Young’s ode to his fans who’ve supported him in his career throughout. “I’ll never let you down / No matter what you do / If you just walk with me / And let me walk with you.”

“Like A Hurricane” – American Stars ‘N’ Bars (1977)

This classic song is a staple on Young’s concerts and was said to be inspired by a woman he met at a bar that he instantly became attracted to. It’s a burst of the singer’s playful lyrics and guitar force.

“Harvest Moon” – Harvest Moon (1993)

This wonderful single is a highlight from Young’s sequel to his phenomenal album Harvest, in which the musician uses the moon motif, which he often does in his songs. This is a tribute to his wife, Pegi Young.

“Cinnamon Girl” – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)

That fleeting feeling you get from someone you just met, and suddenly, you’re falling in love with her. That’s what “Cinnamon Girl” makes us feel.

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – After The Gold Rush (1970)

Young felt inspired to write a song about the breakup of his bandmate, Graham Nash, to Joni Mitchell. The song asks us how to find life again after the breakup.

“Heart of Gold” – Harvest (1972)

This track established Neil Young as the star that he is today, and even Bob Dylan was once reported to have been jealous for not writing this song first. You can’t blame Dylan though, this song is pure genius, toying around the middle of happiness and heartbreak.

“Long May You Run” – Long May You Run (1976)

The song tells us about the longtime commitment you hold dear with your loved one, promising them that you’d never let go. Aside from that, this also became the typical tribute song of Neil Young whenever someone so close to him has departed the world.