7 Farewell Tours That Really Weren’t Farewell

7 Farewell Tours That Really Weren’t Farewell | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Cream reunion in 2005 - Arcangelo Miranda / Youtube

For rockers who have roamed the industry for more than half a century, a farewell tour or some sort of adieu to fans is often anticipated, becoming a bittersweet venue of reminiscence of moments bygone and the good old days. However, some bands and artists seemed to have missed their stage life after the completion of these supposed “farewell” tours, surprising everyone with comebacks that destroy the authenticity of it all. Here are some farewell tours that did nothing but prod fans to disappointment.

The Who

The English rockers were supposed to end it all back in 1983 with the It’s Hard tour due to various reasons, including Keith Moon’s death. But 1989 reunited The Who for their 25th anniversary, followed by a Quadrophenia commemoration in 1996. The band has yet to show signs of stopping as they are currently in the studio recording new material.

Ozzy Osbourne

1992 had Ozzy wanting to call it quits from the life on the road. Aptly titled No More Tears, No More Tours, the Prince Of Darkness had a moment of hesitation when his Black Sabbath family sat in for the last show. He came back in 1995 with Ozzmosis, saying “Retirement sucked. It wasn’t too long before I started getting antsy and writing songs again.” Ozzy has another tour in 2020 lined up for him amidst various delays due to health issues.


KISS had a reunion with original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss back in the late ’90s, where they were supposed to end it all with 2000’s Farewell Tour. Seems that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons thought otherwise, continuing on to performing even without their ex-bandmates. KISS is set to perform their “final” farewell show for 2021, bringing Frehley and others into the fray for their swan song tour.

Elton John

Elton John shocked fans in attendance of his November 3, 1977 show by saying, “I haven’t been touring for a long time and it’s been a painful decision whether to go back on the road … but I’ve made a decision and this is the last show I’m gonna do.” But early on in 1979, he was back on tour for a Soviet Union gig. His recent Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour seems to be the last of the last, which will end in December of 2020.

Motley Crue

Hair metal specialists Motley Crue supposedly ended it after their Final Tour in 2014 by signing a “Cessation of Touring Agreement”, with the press bearing witness of the legalization. However, there was a workaround on the terms, saying that the band could tour again as long as all of the members agreed on it. Motley Crue will be back on the road this 2020 as a result of that.


While the super trio’s stint was bright and brief – a mere 2 years due to infighting, primarily between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker – Cream ended their working relationship in November 1968. However, the band reunited 37 years later at the Royal Albert Hall in May of 2005. Things went so smoothly that they booked another three-date engagement at the Madison Square Garden in October.


2010 was supposed to be the last touring affair of the Scorpions, supporting the release of Sting In The Tail. While in the middle of touring, however, the band took note of their growing “younger” fanbase. They returned in 2011 with Comeblack, and Return To Forever in 2015.