5 Times Paul McCartney Surprised Fans

5 Times Paul McCartney Surprised Fans | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney - The Late Late Show with James Corden / YouTube

Paul McCartney sure knows how to makes his fans get excited about his every move. For someone as popular and as successful as a member of the Beatles, it’s nice for him to still return all the love that his loyal followers have given him throughout the years; whether it’s a silly surprise on someplace unsuspecting, or a newly-released album. Take a look at some of the remarkably great surprises from Paul McCartney.

Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

A popular segment from the “Late Late Show” stars Paul McCartney and host James Corden chat and reminisce Paul’s days in the Beatles by singing their songs inside the car and revisiting the singer’s places. At the later part of the segment, Paul surprised the unsuspecting people at the Liverpool pub where the Beatles got gigs, with a live and lovely performance.

His Elevator Hang Out with Jimmy Fallon

To promote his album Egypt Station at “The Tonight Show”, host Jimmy Fallon together with Paul McCartney surprised people coming in and out of the elevators at the NBC building. People were screaming when they saw the superstar, and it’s both adorable and hilarious.

His Surprise Gig at the Cavern Club

Liverpool’s Cavern Club saw the earliest performance of the Beatles that solidify their popularity to the people. Back in 2018, an intimate crowd was mesmerized when they realized that a Beatle was present to perform songs to them. It was also the first time that the singer came back to Cavern Club in 1999.

McCartney III

Nearly 50 years after his first release of McCartney album, the singer announced that McCartney III is now available for everyone to buy last year. The venture to the album was not planned at all, but due to Covid-19’s pandemic, he got an ample amount of time to create the masterpiece.

The Grand Surprise at the Grand Central

Another silly antic to promote his Egypt Station, Paul McCartney set up a stage at the Grand Central Station where prominent guests such as Jon Bon Jovi, Meryl Streep, and Steve Buscemi were present. Fans were exhilarated to see their idol on stage performing one of the best concerts that they could ever attend.