5 Songs From Rick Danko You Probably Need To Hear Again Today

5 Songs From Rick Danko You Probably Need To Hear Again Today | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Rick Danko’s generous contribution to music is somewhat legendary through his remarkable moments inside the Band. He may have long been gone inside this world, yet his amazing songs and his tender personality will forever be embedded inside the hearts of his fans. Below are some of Rick Danko’s songs that you might want to take a listen to again.

“It Makes No Difference” – Northern Lights – Southern Cross (1975)

Danko’s phenomenal voice could take you somewhere that is both heartbreaking and raw. With “It Makes No Difference”, he painstakingly conveyed that although time heals all wounds, sometimes, it isn’t what you would’ve wanted.

“The Unfaithful Servant” – The Band (1969)

A lot of people could point out “It Makes No Difference” as Danko’s ultimate highlight as a vocalist but with “The Unfaithful Servant”, one might oppose it. Danko held a good reputation for this one, and it seems rather unforgettable.

“This Wheel’s on Fire” – Music From Big Pink (1968)

Bob Dylan and Rick Danko once collaborated to create this perfectly aggressive groove fit for all. Danko and Dylan molded this one with pure talent and genius.

“Stage Fright” – Stage Fright (1970)

Deemed as the “best song about performing”, “Stage Fright” caught the thrilling moment of the title itself. Danko’s voice is superbly great here since he exhibited the nervously powerful voice that the song needs.

“Book Faded Brown” – Jubilation (1998)

Jubilation is considered as “Rick Danko’s album”, where he shone the brightest among all and participated more prominently. With “Book Faded Brown”, he was slaying its vocals, and it will remain one of the best songs from his life.