5 Rock Legends Of The ’80s You Hated But Now Love

5 Rock Legends Of The ’80s You Hated But Now Love | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Axl Rose for Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses / Youtube

Rockstars and bands aren’t always greeted with love as they take the stage. Just take a look at critics to know what we’re talking about. But there are just rock acts that were really unlikeable from the start – whether it be due to attitude, songs, or just blind hate. Here are some prominent rock legends of the eighties that didn’t quite gain the favor of people back then but have redeemed themselves today.

Lenny Kravitz

People who have been around Lenny Kravitz when he was starting out reported some of his tendencies to be rude to people – which apparently stemmed from his ego. Some even say if it weren’t for his relationship with Lisa Bonet, he wouldn’t be relevant today at all.


While The Police were technically from the ’70s, we’re including Sting since they were more prominent in the ’80s, not to mention that it was the decade when his solo career erupted. It was reported that his ego took over the band for some reason, blocking Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland from actively making decisions in the group.

Eddie Van Halen

Apparently, even the legendary Eddie Van Halen (may he rest in peace) was hated back in his heyday as well. Countless accounts of roadies, sound techs – basically touring crews – said that EVH was persistent in paying them minimum wage only as he allegedly said that they were basically nothing. This hit the band hard as no crew would want to take part in their US tour attempts for a couple of years.


It’s always black and white for U2 from the very start. From people disagreeing to them being labeled as “rock” due to their heavily-electronic sound. But the band has been known to do some ludicrous charity events and even putting their new album on people’s phones without permission, earning the ire of many without any difficulties.

Axl Rose

While Guns N’ Roses were basically the epitome of an excessive lifestyle in the ’80s, their frontman, Axl Rose, was hated by many due to his ruinous antics. From being late to shows to inciting massive riots, the frontman was constantly being referred to as one with attitude problems. It’s a relief that the man has mellowed down as the years passed.