5 Legendary Rock Bands That Came From Europe

5 Legendary Rock Bands That Came From Europe | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Waters with Pink Floyd - Cool Coyote / Youtube

Arguably, European bands have long been making their names in everyone’s household by becoming some of the greatest groups in history. While the Americans habitually claim the title of producing these multi-talented singers and artists, Europe however, does that by creating the biggest bands to ever exist on Earth, generated from the millions of fans that the groups have established over the course of their years. And in line with this, we present to you, the top 5 game-changers in the industry of Rock and Roll.

5. Pink Floyd

We can’t begin this list without mentioning one of the pioneers of Psychedelic Rock in the mid-’60s. Pink Floyd is an English rock band that became famous for its eccentricity, philosophical lyrics, and the sonic space manifestation of its music. They are among the few bands who sold more than a hundred million records worldwide, thus making them one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Some of their notably famous albums include Dark Side of the Moon, Meddle, and The Wall.


4. U2

Joining with us is Ireland’s most influential and significant band of the post-punk era, U2. Established their careers with outstanding independence of punk, spiritual-themed lyrics that focused more on social and political themes of rock, experimental visions, and innovation, U2 has a thing for being popular and becoming a part of the people’s favorite band ever. Throughout their careers, they are primarily famous for the live performances that gave them the grasp of commercial success as of today. Their famous albums include The Joshua Tree, War, and Achtung Baby.


3. Led Zeppelin

Amongst our top 3 is none other than the Led Zeppelin. This English rock band was often cited as among the forerunners of the heavy metal and hard rock scene that became commercially accepted by the people in the early ‘70s. They were also popular for their remarkable variation of music-making, sometimes infused with folk-rock and blues. An innovative group that impacted a significant value for the music industry, Led Zeppelin was among the most sought-after, most influential, and substantial rock bands in history. Unfortunately, their career lasted only for 10 years, following Bonham’s death in the year 1980. The group decided it was best to disband rather than replace, the man behind their legendary drum performances. Some of their notable works were Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin, and Led Zeppelin II.]

2. The Rolling Stones

Following the break-up of the Beatles in the ’70s, arguably, they became the world’s greatest rock group. They have grown to become one of the most influential persons behind the formation of hard rock who became substantially famous for becoming the rebellious counterculture of the ‘60s. They generated millions of fans as they were also a part of the “British Invasion” that happened in the US. Their generous efforts to the rock and roll scene garnered them a spot as one of the Best-selling albums of all time, and continue to be an active group for more than four decades. Some of their most popular albums include Aftermath, Sticky Fingers, and Let it Bleed.


1. The Beatles

And the list is incomplete without discussing these 4 Liverpudlian fellows who first broke all the records present up to this date. Unquestionably the biggest and most famous rock band in history, the Beatles were the apex form of the booming culture rising of the ‘60s. Their artistic works, charming personalities, and many more are considered to have been the most commercially successful, to the point that they became a symbol of the popular culture we have right now. Also, the fathers of innovation and experimentation in terms of their music and style, were the reason for the existence of the term “Beatlemania,” meaning an intense and crazed fandom mostly comprised of screaming girls. But, like any other legends, they all had to end their 10-year long careers following Lennon’s departure from the band. But even if they are long gone, their impact on music and society will forever be remembered. Their most notable albums were Revolver, Rubber Soul, and Abbey Road.