5 interesting Facts And Stories Behind ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

5 interesting Facts And Stories Behind ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Pink Floyd live in Pompeii - HDPinkFloyd / Youtube

Few could do it like the way Pink Floyd does it— creating impactful songs without a hint of commerciality. For every concept album that they made, they manage to deliver it with varied experimentations, and it’s not a question if most of their tracks are considered rock classics and the best. Inside their long catalog of songs is a Pink Floyd highlight named “Shine on You Crazy Diamond.” The track is included inside the band’s Wish You Were Here album. Below are its 5 interesting stories and facts.

  • Drugs permanently destroyed former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett’s life and it led the group to dismiss him. Feeling guilty for what they did, Pink Floyd wrote this song as a tribute to their former leader. Notice its initials: Shine on You crazy Diamond.
  • During the final editing of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” Syd Barrett just so happened to drop by at the studio. Unlike his previous, charming appearance, he looked fat, bald, and was mentally challenged still. When David Gilmour first saw Syd, he didn’t recognize him.
  • It was Gilmour who come up with the four notes which hold as the base of the song. Roger Waters wrote the lyrics that conveyed the emotions that Barrett must’ve felt.
  • This was one of the difficult Pink Floyd songs to record. The song was redone a few times.
  • This was the final song where Richard Wright got a songwriting credit before Roger Waters became uncontrollable and fired Wright during The Wall sessions.