5 Iconic John Lennon Songs After The Beatles

5 Iconic John Lennon Songs After The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon live in 1969 - BeatlesAndSolo / Youtube

It is with no doubt that John Lennon’s songs are the epitome of art from a mercurial mind. For Lennon, poetic and thoughtful lyrics are what makes a song spectacular, and the instruments are its backing beauty. While it’s sad to know how insanely short Lennon’s career was as a solo artist, we are, however, still lucky to have his wondrous works living inside today’s world, which desperately symbolizes his message. Presenting, Lennon’s 5 iconic songs post-Beatles.

“Woman” – Double Fantasy (1980)

A sweet song dedicated to John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono, “Woman” Is the 80’s version of “Girl”. It came to a bittersweet halt when it was released a month after Lennon’s murder, generating a top spot on the Billboard charts.

“Gimme Some Truth”  – Imagine (1971)

Much like his other political song “Give Peace A Chance”, “Gimme Some Truth” follows the pattern of Lennon spitting protesting wrath to all the merciless politicians. It serves a tongue-twisting effect on lyrics and contained some rallying feelings of Lennon.

“Oh My Love”Imagine (1971)

Another song dedicated to his wife, Lennon captured a raw feeling full of emotions in this record. George Harrison provided the lead guitar for this one.

“Jealous Guy” Imagine (1971)

One of Lennon’s earliest piano ballads, “Jealous Guy” expressed the feelings of normalcy for Lennon, who can also sense a tad of jealousy and insecurity from himself. It embodied him being just like any average guy in the world.

“Imagine” – Imagine (1971)

It seemed like the singer’s Imagine album bore outstanding records including this one. “Imagine” holds power beyond the simplicity of its message, symbolizing the unity and togetherness being the keys to a peaceful life in this world.