5 Classic Rock Scandals In The 1970s

5 Classic Rock Scandals In The 1970s | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Scandals were hard to avoid when you were an influential rocker from the ’70s. Some even welcomed it into their lives, seeing it as an additional swig of publicity for them to bank their popularity on. Here are some of the most unforgettable scandals in classic rock’s golden age.

Charles Manson Murders

In 1969, the eight-month pregnant Sharon Tate was murdered alongside four others in her Hollywood home by members of Charles Manson’s “family”. The LaBiancas followed shortly, beginning one of the longest and costliest trials in US history.

Gram Parson’s Body Gets Stolen

Hours after the death by drug overdose of singer-songwriter Gram Parsons, his body was stolen by producer Phi Kaufman and an accomplice at LAX after plans of him being buried in a private ceremony ensued. Parsons wish was to be cremated at Joshua Tree and have his ashes scattered over Cap Rock, but his stepfather didn’t follow it. Kaufman wanted to fulfill it, however and drove his body to Joshua Tree in a borrowed hearse, setting the coffin on fire with gasoline in an attempt to cremate him.

Sonny and Cher’s Dysfunctional Relationship

While the husband and wife duo of Sonny and Cher was at the top of the fame game in the ’70s, their relationship was getting out of hand behind the scenes. The couple divorced in 1975, and although their show still did great in ratings, the two eventually parted ways with their own shows.

Mystery Of Elvis’ Death

The most famous version of Elvis Presley’s death was him overdosing on drugs as he lay lifeless on his bathroom floor, although following findings point that he was found on his suite proper, and that autopsy results point on a heart attack being the ultimate culprit. His body was also reburied in Graceland after an attempt to steal it just two weeks after he passed.

Death of Sid Vicious’ girlfriend, Nancy Spungen

The Sex Pistols bassist and his groupie girlfriend had a violent and drug-addled relationship that ended with Vicious finding her lifeless in his bathroom, apparently stabbed with a knife that he owned. After being arrested and charged with murder, he was bailed out but attempted to take his own life, becoming confined at Bellevue hospital as a result. After being released, he attended a party held at his new girlfriend’s house, where he was later found to have died of a drug overdose.