5 Classic Rock Bands That Did Great Led Zeppelin Covers

5 Classic Rock Bands That Did Great Led Zeppelin Covers | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Don Jack /YouTube

There’s no denying that Led Zeppelin is among the biggest rock bands that shaped the music of today. The quartet’s immense power to deliver such iconic songs did not just made an impact to their fans, but to the rock artists as well. Their supremacy will never be topped, of course, but these 5 marvelous Led Zeppelin Covers from classic rock bands are sure worth listening too. Take a look at them now.

Foo Fighters

Throughout most of their live sets, Foo Fighters have become a master enthusiast in Led Zeppelin covers. This particular performance “Ramble On” from them with one half of Zeppelin’s finest musicians are everything.

The Black Crowes

The spot-on performance of The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page on guitar can be heard from this video. The matching of energy, as well as, the talents surrounding here are worth the listen.


Heart is probably among the long line of bands who were heavily inspired from Led Zeppelin’s style. So, it isn’t a big question why their rendition to “Stairway to Heaven” live at the Kennedy Center Honors are truly remarkable. Take note, the very own musicians who are created this gem were watching, and they also gave it a standing ovation— so that might tell you how magnificent this is.


Zebra started early as a Led Zeppelin cover band, yet they founded their uniqueness in the long run. Nevertheless, they always made sure they could give tribute to their heroes with this dazzling cover version of “Black Dog.”

The Circle

Sammy Hagar’s supergroup became very well-known among the fans. Even more so that Hagar’s cover for “Whole Lotta Love” will remain one of the best covers from Led Zeppelin’s songs. Oh, and Jason Bonham, the child of legendary John Bonham, played the drums.