10 Classic Rock Bands That Never Broke The U.S. Top 40

10 Classic Rock Bands That Never Broke The U.S. Top 40 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

King Crimson / Youtube

It’s bizarre to imagine that even the biggest and most popular rock bands in the music industry still don’t receive the praise that they deserve. They may be a solid group with millions of fans, but when it comes to topping the Billboard charts, it’s another story. Take a look at some of these talented rockers who failed the mainstream popularity that they could achieve from the U.S top 40.

New York Dolls

New York Dolls may be a short-lived band, but they were among the greatest glam rock stars who practically owned the 70s’ bonanza. And like the others, failed to even create a hit song to top the U.S charts.

Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher is among the greatest musicians that you could ever meet, yet, he wasn’t that much of a popular man in the U.S. His songs never even made it to the U. (Ambien) S Billboard Hit 100.

The Ramones

Who would’ve thought that punk band who started the popularity of the punk scene wouldn’t even have the chance to score a good spot on the U.S billboard? The Ramones, though they did have great songs, to begin with, only peaked at no. 66 with their song, “Rockaway Beach.” Still, they created a movement that made the whole world turn around.

Humble Pie

Humble Pie, unlike most of the people here, has scored 3 chart-topping singles from the Billboard Hit 100 in the U.S. Yet, unfortunately, that didn’t give them a chance to at least cut to the Top 40.

Tom Waits

Tom Waits is a multitalented musician, but he was never the hit-making machine that everyone thought that he was. All of his singles never even made it on the U.S Billboard charts.

Iron Maiden

It’s quite a surprise to know that Iron Maiden didn’t achieve that much success in their U.S endeavors. While they found stability in their careers from different countries like the UK, but in the U.S.A, that’s a whole lot of failed attempts.


Soundgarden, like Iron Maiden, is quite of a shocking revelation. But unlike the latter, they did have one single to top the Billboard 100, namely, “Black Rain.” But that’s just it.

King Crimson

One of the most powerful progressive rock bands, King Crimson is the type of group that you would expect the best out of. But knowing that their only U.S charting single was “Court of the Crimson King,” is highly questionable to the U.S fans.

Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention has generated 75 studio and live albums, but they didn’t quite make the cut to the U.S billboard chart since 1968. Yet, that still didn’t stop the fans from admiring them.


The quest for Traffic’s U.S charts was quite difficult, and they have only spurred 1 single that topped the U.S charts on no. 68. The song was “Gimme Some Lovin’.”