5 Classic Hits From Underrated Artists Of 1971

5 Classic Hits From Underrated Artists Of 1971 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Perhaps the truth that a man will ever acknowledge, the year 1971 was the moment were singles and albums blossomed, and various artists rose to prominence. Packed with a variety of genre, it’s a thing to remember that the competition of songs was much more difficult and extreme, and therein lies the fact that those artists that strived hard got the dues that they paid for. Yet somehow, there are also these several classic songs from underrated artists that crawled their way into victory; giving the rightful chance for these singers to share their talents to the interested people. Below are some of their classic hits.

“I Wrote A Simple Song” – Billy Preston

Billy Preston is one of the few musicians who had the privilege to be inside the Beatles’ studio sessions, yet for this piano prodigy, he is more than that. “I Wrote A Simple Song” is a touching one full of profound emotions with Preston’s ability to make things so endearing— and the song divulges of that element.

“The Lady With The Braid” – Dory Previn

Singer-songwriter Dory Previn became a lesser-known musician as the time progressed, but back in the 70s, she had done some pretty good tunes that mostly adhere to her emotional, witty, and condescending feelings all wrapped up in her hit albums. The song subtly hides the casual conversation of a one-night stand, but with a hit of sadness for the most part.

“Fallin’ Rain” – Link Wray

Perhaps the person who was responsible for the many legendary musicians to pick up their guitars and learn the magic of the instrument, Link Wray proved to be one of the pioneers of heavy and metal rock. After “Rumble,” the song that started everything, he also found luck in “Fallin’ Rain,” his greatest song ever. He channeled the Bob Dylan style of lyric writing, paired with Wray’s sweet melodic voice to complete it. It’s indeed one of the greatest underrated songs from this generation.

“Motel Blues” – Loudon Wainwright III

Viewed in high regard by the likes of Johnny Cash and many other folk singers, Loudon Wainwright’s ability to capture heartache and humor can be found in this dispiritingly-driven song about a lonely rock and roller. Some would say that this might be the male counterpart of Previn’s classic “The Lady With The Braid,” finding love inside a forsaken world.

“Something on Your Mind” – Karen Dalton

Karen Dalton once became the woman that all these folk singers cannot get enough off. Although back then, she was a real star in the folk genre, her constant in-denial to appear in public and missed album opportunities ransacked her popularity, and she died with nothing in her pocket. But there’s a reason why Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, etc. loved her so much: her sharp voice and immense talent to pour her heart out on her music is what’s great for her. And “Something on Your Mind” is the great proof of that.